Diving centre De Beldert is located at one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Netherlands. Here you will find all the possibilities to enjoy scuba diving to the fullest. Do you want to dive in one of the most beautiful dive site in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn how to scuba dive in the Netherlands? Or are you looking for service and top quality diving equipment? Diving center De Beldert has it all!

Diving in The Beldert

What does a dive at De Beldert look like? Professional, safe and cosy. There is plenty of parking space, you can rent all your diving equipment, there is a filling station for both compressed air and nitrox (blending) and the spacious dive shop offers the latest equipment at very reasonable prices. The Beldert is fully equiped for technical diving, All neccessairy facilities are available, there is even a special jetty for technical divers. For your dive itself a small fee is required. Visibility is usually good and there is plenty to see underwater. The Beldert is one of the best freshwater dive sites in the Netherlands. More about diving location The Beldert can be found on the dive site page.  

Scuba diving courses The Beldert

De Beldert exists since 1996. Owner Gerard van der Heijden has been active in the diving sport for more than thirty years and is always willing to assist you with questions or advice. Can't dive yet? De Beldert trains you. If desired, they offer you the opportunity to make a trial dive. Courses and specialties for adults are given in dive courses from SSI, IDD and DAN. Especially for children between the ages of eight and twelve there is our the diving program 'The Scuba Rangers'. Thousands of divers at home and abroad started their diving hobby at De Beldert. Diving schools and diving clubs can rent the facilities of De Beldert. Classrooms are available and there are training plateaus at different depths. Have you become curious? Feel free to visit them for a cup of coffee.  

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Zoelense Zandweg 1
4011 LW
Zoelen / Tiel


+31344 - 624 505


Technical diving
Shop - School
Fill station 300 B / NITROX / TRIMIX / O2 100%

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