Delfins Beach Resort is ideal for anyone going diving on Bonaire. Diving equipment, diving accessories, a scuba filling station, everything is available. The resort is located on the Delfins Reef and has a private beach with waving palms and a diving station. What more could you wish for a diving holiday on Bonaire? The 84 luxury apartments, in different sizes and price ranges, have a beautiful sea view and are equipped with modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Diving holiday Bonaire  

Delfins Beach Resort has its own top restaurant, named Delfins Beach Restaurant Brass Boer, led by the Dutch culinary geniuses, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer. Their exciting new culinary hot spot is the most exciting dining experience on the island. Delfins also offers top notch dive facilities, which include a 5-star PADI diving school. It's run by Dive Friends Bonaire, the island’s major and − according to many − best dive operator. Take a rest after your dive and enjoy the scenery from your apartment. Many of the rooms have a stunning view over the Caribbean blue. Delfins Beach Resort also features Bonaire’s largest swimming pool, with a trendy pool bar. 

Diving Delfins Reef 

Delfins Reef is the house reef of the resort. The reef is home to a large variety of fish and other marine life. It lies just in front of the hotel, in swimming distance from the shore. Just swim out for about 7 minutes over the sandy bottom to reach it. Look down while swimming, the sandy bottom is a hiding area for rays. Delfins Reef is known for its combination of dense soft and hard corals. Coral density is at its highest at the drop-off, which lies at 15 meters. Between 30 and 35 meters, the coral slowly changes back into sand. 

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