Recratieplas de Langspier is an ideal dive site with many facilities, including a filling station, cabins, transport carts, rinse showers and a nice pavilion. You're welcome for a fun dive in the summer season, during opening hours. Diving from November through April however is only possible on Sundays. Diving training always after consultation. Call to make an appointment. For access to Recreational Lake the Langspier a small entrance fee is required.

Special location

The dive site itself is quite special. You can park your car right on the waterfront. Underwater you'll find various objects including a sculpture garden, a shipping container, an exercise platform and a railroad track, complete with railroad attributes. You'll also come across the wreckage of a car and a locomotive, among other things. In the Langspier there is a lot of pike, perch, carp and roach. The vegetation is lush, especially along the banks. There are places where the vegetation is up to four meters high. It's like diving through a kelp forest.   

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Molenwijkseweg 5 C
5282 KA


0411 - 602 222


Recreational beach
Fill station 200 B

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