About TODI

TODI in the Belgian region of Beringen is a wonderful contribution to diving. TODI is an indoor dive site. Diving in TODI is diving in warm water (24 degrees) between car wrecks, tubes, a mine and the world's most beautiful tropical freshwater fish. TODI is a must for every diver. It's also an ideal teaching and test location for comfort and safety reasons.

Diving in TODI

It's mainly the fish that make TODI so special. They live and breed here as in open water. That makes TODI the ultimate diving experience! How does it work? Book a dive on the website if you have a valid diving certificate. Come with a buddy or with a group, it's all good. Want to learn how to scuba dive? You're most welcome to make a test dive or attend a training course at the TODI school. Want to make a fun dive? Sign up at the desk and make sure you have your diving and insurance certificate with you. If you don't have insurance yet, you can get it right at TODI for 5 euros. Also confirm that you are medically fit for diving. TODI is the fun, practice or test location for summer and winter? Everything is arranged to perfection, from showers, changing rooms, lockers and toilet facilities to equipment rental and much more. Sunday is in TODI mermaid day. 

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