Learn how to scuba dive in South Holland at Lucky Divers in Rotterdam. Lucky Divers is a PADI 5 Star IDC Center. Do you want to get your PADI diving license? Come to Lucky Divers! Almost all diving courses are possible, from PADI Open Water, the renewed PADI TEC-REC 40-50-60 courses, courses for professionals and soon the PADI Mermaid courses. Lucky Divers is also the place to be for diving equipment, maintenance and repair or filling your diving cylinder. We also fill Nitrox and Trimixes. Also visit the webshop or come to our store.  

Explore the underwater world with Lucky Dive Center

Want to try it first? Then sign up for an introductory dive. Learn to breathe underwater and feel as free as a fish. You can enter our pool every Thursday and Friday evening with an expert dive instructor. Contact Lucky Divers for more information. Want to develop further after your introductory dive? Lucky Divers offers a wide range of PADI advanced courses. Once certified you can join our Lucky Diving Club and enjoy diving with our diving team. Diving trips are organized on a regular basis. Lucky Divers specializes in freediving, sidemount and TEC-Rec training. Do you want to follow a training? Lucky Divers is happy to help you. 

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Metaalhof 17
3067 GM


PADI 5* IDC Dive Center
Technical diving
Shop - School - Freediving
Fill station 200 B / 300 B / TRIMIX

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