Divecenter New Atlantis is the right place to be for an entire dive experience. At our dive center you'll find everything considering your dive hobby. Whether you're young or old, we have something for every one. Also people with a physical or mental disability are more than welcome. Just want to come over for some socializing? Our door is always open.

What can Divecenter New Atlantis provide? Well, almost anything: Introduction diving, diving courses, medical educations (ER / First Aid) dive travels, IAHD courses for people with a disability and much more. New Atlantis is also equiped for the rental of all kinds of dive materials and for corporate training. And of corse, there is a scuba fill station and a servicenter as well.

Dive Shop with wide range of diving equipment
Obviously Divecenter New Atlantis has a a dive shop with a wide range of diving equipment. You'll find everything you're looking for in our store. And what's more, Divecenter New Atlantis is famous for it's personal advice. Just take all the time you need. Are you limited in time? Visit our online dive shop, Shop2Dive. Shop2dive has been active on the online dive market for more than ten years. Curious already? In need for information or good, fast service? Please contact us. We are always ready to help.  

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Zuidlaarderweg 37
9482 TV




Shop - School
Fill station 200 B / 300 B

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