Get new customers, just by logging your dives

This article was posted on 3 November 2017
Get new customers, just by logging your dives

In search of new customers? Reach them by just logging your dives on the Divers Guide platform. Your log message will be seen by 1600 users per day. Show them where you dive and what facilities you have offer! The more you log, the more attention your diving area and diving school will get. Log all your dives on Divers Guide and stay top of mind..!

Get your own page for more results

Just try it now. You can log your dives on our website, for exemple for dive site Thousend Steps on Bonaire. Or log your dives, by use of our app. Download it for free: Android and iOS. This is how it works. Once you start your log reports will be seen by thousends of divers every day, checking dive sites in their area. Obviously you will be top of mind when they plan their next holiday. Your efforts will be even more effective with your own page on our platform (website and app). The name in your log messages will then link to these pages. Whatch exempleMail us now to join inCosts: € 300,00 per year. Watch example.  

About Divers Guide Platform 

Divers Guide website: 1000 users per dag / 30.000 users per month / 19.000 log reports in total / 600 log reports per month (in total). Available in English and Dutch. Divers Guide app: 600 users per day / 18.000 users per month / 27.000 downloads Android en iOS. Free download in English and Dutch Download. Also available in Engish and Dutch. 

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