Diving Superior Producer Curacao allowed once again

This article was posted on 8 May 2018
Diving Superior Producer Curacao allowed once again

Diving the Superior Producer on Curacao is allowed once again. You may dive in the vicinity of the piers close to the wreck and on the wreck itself, but only if there are no ships moored. Just as before. Forgotten what it was like to dive the Producer? Watch the film: Marcio Fagundes. Cool shots, right music.  

Diving Superior Producer

The permission to dive the wreck once more is granted because the waterfront construction of the second megapier, Tula, has been completed. The Superior Producer dive spot came into disputing when construction of the second pier started and the temporary dive ban came into force. Later on during the construction large parts of the reef were damaged, causing anger among divers worldwide. 


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