CAI in Bonaire no longer official dive site

This article was posted on 29 May 2018
CAI in Bonaire no longer official dive site

For safety reasons, STINAPA has decided to no longer designate the famous dive spot, CAI (no. 63), in Bonaire as an official dive site. There would have been too many serious incidents over time. The decision will take effect on Monday 28 May. It is not a dive ban. Diving in CAI is not prohibited. Foto: Bas Diving

Diving CAI, Bonaire

The measurement implies that all STINAPA promotional material will be modified. The yellow stone, which marks the entry point of CAI, will also be removed. The nearby dive site, White Hole (no. 62), is maintained in STINAPA's information, but no longer as a shore dive but as a boat dive site. Other dive sites on the southeast coast of Bonaire are for instance: Baby Beach and Turtle City.

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