Footage rescue operation Thai boys

This article was posted on 8 July 2018
Footage rescue operation Thai boys

You can see how extremely challenging the rescue operation is

Footage of the rescue operation that took place this morning deep inside the cave, has emerged. The images show how challenging the rescue operation is. You can see the specialized cave divers carrying diving equipment in sections of the route where you can walk. Close passages are also made larger with drill bits.

Status of saved boys

Images also show that walking through the cave system is possible. However, long dives have to be made as well over long stretches of the tunnel and along several narrow passages. There are places where the dive cylinder must be removed in order to move forward. It's a great achievement of both the rescue workers and the youngsters that the first four boys have been saved. The condition of the saved boys is still unknown. Priority is given to the boys and their families, who are given the privacy they need at the moment.

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