Rare Beluga whale spotted in river Thames

This article was posted on 25 September 2018
Rare Beluga whale spotted in river Thames

Whale Spotters gather in Gravesend to watch the animal In the river

Moments ago a Beluga whale has been spotted in the river Thames. The Belugas was last sean near Gravesend in Kent, England. The sighting is very special. Whale spotters from all over England have gathered in Gravestone to take a closer look at the beluga and confirm online reports.

Extremely rare sighting

Beluga's live in the Arctic region. They are white in color and belong to the toothed whales. The animal seems healthy and is observed swimming in the Thames. Aid workers monitor the animal. Experts hope that the beluga will swim back to sea instead of further up the river Thames. The last sighting of a beluga took place in England three years ago, near Northumberland. In 1966 a Beluga was observed near the Dutch city of Nijmegen. That animal swam all the way up to Bonn in Germany and was nicknamed Moby Dick.  

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