Equalizing ears, then feeding. Big mistake....!

This article was posted on 15 December 2018
Equalizing ears, then feeding. Big mistake....!

Feeding and touching marine life is unwise and dangerous.

The divers are on their way to a wreck and have been followed by a moray eel for the entire dive. The animal is hungry and gets excited, the divers have food with them. When they arrive at the wreck the divemaster starts feeding the marine life. While he is busy, he clears his ears. Big mistake.....! Watch video:

Don't feed marine life

The divemaster should know better. Of course you want to show your guests as many fish as possible, but feeding is never a good idea. If you want to see more fish, you have to make more dives. The risks are enormous. Especially if you have to deal with moray eels. In many cases, a moray eel will not let go until it has bitten off a part of its prey. This is done through a unique mechanism, where a second jaw shoots forward like a cutter out of the moray eels throat.


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