Do you know Divers Guide platform is available in English?

This article was posted on 13 November 2016
Do you know Divers Guide platform is available in English?

Please share with your English speaking buddies worldwide

Do you know Divers Guide platform (website and app) is also available in English? Do you know we don't do empty pages? And do you know we're developing a worldwide portal on which you can help expanding our dive sites information? Please share Divers Guide with all your English speaking buddies worldwide.   

Dive site information in English

Want to check Divers Guide in English? Just click on the flag in the right upper corner to switch from Dutch to English and vice versa. The Divers Guide app has an English version as well. If your phone is set on English you will automatically find our English version in both the Android and iOS app stores. Logreports are available only in the language in which they have originally been written. What makes Divers Guide unique? Our content is solide, there are no empty pages. And we are working on a worldwide portal in which you can manage this content with us. Add new dive sites, add more pictures, correct information and much more. More information coming soon! 

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