New diving wreck for Tulamben

This article was posted on 4 December 2018
New diving wreck for Tulamben

The large wreck is serious competition for the famous Liberty Wreck

The Indonesian diving area, Tulamben, will be enriched with a large new wreck. It's the frigate, Kri Slamet Riyadi-352. This news was announced last week by the Ocean Dive Resort Tulamben. The 133 meter long war ship will be fierce competition for the famous Liberty Wreck. Leace a comment if you love diving in Indonesia.   

Diving Tulamben

More information than this official announcement by the Indonesian Navy is not available. "The wreck is coming," Ocean Dive Resort Tulamben reports to us. "We have been informed that the ship will be made available as a diving wreck for this diving region. But that's all we know at the moment." The KRI Ahmed Yani-352 once set course from the port of the Dutch city of Den Helder to Indonesia, together with the KRI Ahmed Yani-351.

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