Diving courses and diving equipment can be found at Scuba-Adventures in Heel in Limburg. Looking for dive gear? Or do you want to learn to dive? Scuba-Adventures can help you with that. They give the best diving courses and you will find all your diving equipment in their webshop. Scuba-Adventures only sells high quality diving equipment from renowned dive brands such as Aqualung, Bare, DUI, Halcyon, Scubapro and Suunto.

Buying the best diving equipment

Custom made diving equipment is the best diving equipment. One of the most important parts is a good diving suit. A diving suit must fit seamlessly to protect you from cold and injury while diving. Wondering what would be the most suitable suit for you? Visit Scuba-Adventures to put together the best diving equipment. You can also order all materials online, in which case you are always welcome for more information or advice in advance.

Maintenance of diving equipment

Periodic maintenance is absolutely necessary for your safety and the preservation of your diving equipment. Scuba-Adventures gives a three month warranty on all maintenance. If you have purchased your diving equipment from Scuba-Adventures, you will receive a 25% discount on labour costs for each annual maintenance or repair. This is only valid if you are the first owner and have the annual maintenance done by Aegir Divecenter. Do you want to learn how to scuba dive in Limburg? Scuba-Adventures teaches you to dive and snorkel in a safe and relaxed way. You will learn how diving equipment works, how to breathe underwater and how to stay perfectly balanced in the water. Follow the theory lessons independently, after which the diving course is continued in the swimming pool and the open water. Once you have obtained your diving licence, you can go to various dive sites in Limburg, Zeeland or abroad.

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