SubLub Nieuwegein is a dive store in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands with the best diving equipment. Everything you may need is available, from diving suits and trims vests to regulators and much more. You'll find the best dive brands at SubLub Nieuwegein. Filling your diving cylinder and servicing your diving equipment is possible as well.

Diving equipment Nieuwegein

You're always welcome during opening hours. Some of the top brands you can find at SubLub Nieuwegein are Bare, Sealife, Suunto, Tusa, OceanReef, Mares and many more. The filling machine is available for 24 hours a day. You can fill up to 200 and 300 bar. Do you need more than just diving gear? SubLub Nieuwegein has besides a dive shop a snorkel shop and a swim shop. The accessibility of the store is good. There are parking facilities in front of the door. SubLub Nieuwegein is easily accessible by public transport. The store is located in the Sports and Events Complex Merwestein. Check the website for more information and opening hours.  

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Merweplein 1
3432 GN


030 - 207 4062


Vulautomaat 24/7

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