In need of diving equipment. Or would you like to rent or service diving equipment? Sub Lub Voerendaal is the place to go. Sub Lub Voerendaal has everything you need as a diver. Come and visit them to get acquainted or to fill your diving cylinder. The filling stations at Sub Lub Voerendaal provide 200 and 300 bar fillings.

Diving equipment in Limburg

For diving equipment in Limburg Sub Lub Voerendaal is the place to go. But they offer more than that. The list of services is long. Sub Lub Voerendaal offers top quality diving materials in all shapes and sizes. New or used, it's all right at hand at Sub Lub Voerendaal. Other services of Sub Lub Voerendaal are renting, servicing diving equipment, filling diving cylinders and offering a wide range of diving courses. They also have a good running webshop and they are DAN business partner. Furthermore, you can become a member of their diving club, called dive club Anthias. Anthias is a nice diving club where you can enjoy your diving hobby in the company of other divers.  

Servicing diving materials

Whatever you come for, you can park in front of the door and walk in. The staff is always there to help you. Come and have a look in the shop. You'll find top gear in diving shoes, diving suits, regulators, computers and much more. Or drop by to service your diving cylinder, dive computer or diving watch. Sub Lub Voerendaal is also the place to be for inspections and the repair af your diving suits. Whatever your needs or requirements in diving may be, you're always at te right place at Sub Lub Voerendaal.

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Valkenburgerweg 12
6367 GV


045 - 203 3013


Maintenance center
Fill station 300 B / NITROX / TRIMIX

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