Are you looking for diving materials? And should it be of good quality at an affordable price? The The Old Pirate is the way to go. The Old Pirate in Alphen aan de Maas (Gld) is a specialist in all sorts of diving equipment and accessoiries. Whether you're looking for respirators, diving bags, gloves or jackets. You'll find it all at The Old Pirate. The Old Pirate also offers diving courses and diving facilities and is official importer of the brands Tiguillio, T52 and Orcatorch.

Affordable diving materials

As a scuba diver you're always looking for good quality diving equipment at an attractive price. The Old Pirate imports an extensive range of affordable diving materials and accessories. Snorkels, masks, o-rings, mouthpieces, diving suits.   Everything is available and everything is equally good and affordable. Do you want to dive affordable? Are you looking for the most affordable diving materials? The Old Pirate is happy to be at your service at any time. Visit them at a diving exhibition or go to their website

Diving courses Gelderland / Noord-Brabant

The Old Pirate offers diving courses at various levels, from snorkel diver to instructional courses. Would you like to take a dive course? Everything is possible from a dive introduction to get acquainted with diving, to snorkelling courses, youth courses for children from 8 to 12 years, basic courses, recreational specialties, technical specialties, medical specialties, IAHD courses for people with a physical or mental disability, DAN courses and instructor courses. All WOSD, IAHD and DAN basic and instructional courses can be provided. Everything safe, responsible and professional. 

Do you want to try it 

The Old Pirate is located in the beautiful country of Maas and Waal in the village Alphen. The dive centre is equipped with a diving pond, filling station and a maintenance and repair centre. Their goal is to teach you how to enjoy diving in the most safe and specatacular way. Want to sign up? You are welcome to come and visit us.

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