BAS Diving is the one and only dedicated east coast shore dive operator on Bonaire. With thousands of guided east side dives done (with clean safety record) Bas is the best and most experienced guide on the island. The shore dives he makes on the east coast are not offered by anyone else on the island. Furthermore Bas is the only guide who does night dives on this side. And for those spots that others do go to, he dives in his own unique way.

Diving East Coast Bonaire

Why diving on the east side of Bonaire? Compared to the west side of the island, the east coast offers a unique and more adventurous kind of diving experience. With its healthy and widespread coral reefs, its steep rugged walls and its larger marine life, the East Coast has a great variety of dive sites that are very different from the west side dives. Do you want to enjoy untouched coral reefs and the remains of 18th century ship wrecks, such as old canons and anchors? Go east!

East Coast every day

In contrary to what most people think, the East Coast can be dived from shore almost every day. You really don't need to wait days in a row for fair weather. With more than 35 different dive sites to choose from there is always somewhere you can dive. BAS Diving has enough excperience to make your east coast dive unforgettable and save at the same time. Are you curious about dive sites like Cai, Baby Beach or Turtle City? Get ready for another Bonaire and a unique diving experience!

Safety first

BAS Diving looks closely at the size of your group, your experience level, age, fitness and preferences to make sure the dive will be right for you. Not too easy, not too difficult and nothing you could have done by yourself. Take on new challenges and experience new adventures, but always within your comfort zones. Bas know these dive sites as his back yard. The currents, bottoms and exit points hold no secrets for him. Want to know more? Just send him an email.

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