Diving in the Vinkeveense Plassen is diving in one of the most beautiful freshwater dive sites in the Netherlands. Responsible for the maintenance and management is the Recreation Board Stichtse Groenlanden. To dive here you need a permit, with a diving token. Divers are obliged to wear it and the BOA's of the recreation board check this.

Diving zone and permit at Zandeiland 4

The Vinkeveen Plassen are excellent for diving. The clear water and the great depth make a dive in these lakes always an experience. For Sand Island 4 there is a diving zone of about 1.80 meters by 1.20 meters. The zone is marked with red and white buoys. Anyone who wants to dive in the diving zone of Eiland 4 in the Vinkeveense Plassen needs a diving token. This also applies to diving schools and diving clubs. Every year the token gets a different colour and number. This makes it easy to see who has a permit and who does not. There is also a day permit available. Diving schools and associations can buy an annual permit for one instructor and eight students. This permit can be used throughout the year for all diving lessons. The permit with token is only available at the diving sports shop Airdiving on Island 4. The token is sealed to the diving jacket by Airdiving.  

Origin of Vinkeveense Plassen

The Vinkeveen Plassen look like an old lake, but nothing could be further from the truth. Until 1886 it was possible to walk on thick packets of peat. From the turn of the century, hundreds of workers started the very hard work of the peat bog. Slowly but surely this marshy peatland changed into a lake that we later called the Vinkeveense Plassen (Vinkeveen lakes). It wouldn't have mattered much if this lake had been pumped out again in the fifties to use the land for agricultural purposes. The plans were made and the ring ditch was constructed. But all of a sudden, holidaymakers turned up around the lake. The plans ended up in the fridge. Fortunately, because to this day this piece of cultural history seems to combine beautifully with recreation.  

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Diving zone Eiland 4
Management and maintenance Vinkeveen Plassen

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