Diving school Dive Company is active at two locations in the Netherlands. You can find a Dive Company at the dive sites De Kempervennen and 't Blauwe Meer. Their philosophy is learning to dive at the moment a participant is open to it. Above all, diving should be safe, fun and enjoyable!

Diving with Dive Company

Dive Company also adheres to the principle that anyone can learn how to scuba dive. Because of the relaxed atmosphere and non-competitive program, everyone can keep up with theory and practice. First in the pool and then in open water. Dive Company's instructors are all trained to make your diving course an unforgettable experience. Because that's what Dive Company stands for. Diving should be fun! It goes without saying that safety comes first. Diving is one of the safest sports with little chance of injury. Everyone who is in reasonable condition is able to dive. Age plays hardly any role. Already enthusiastic? Dive Company will do everything to make your dive a safe and above all a very enjoyable experience.

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Loon op Zand


0613 - 318 826


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Fill station 200 B / 300 B

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