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Michael van der Meulen
Thailand, 18-01-24

Aardige duik. Opvallend goed koraal. Zicht variërend 5 - 15 meter. Veel sediment. Veel leven: pijlstaartrog, barracuda, clownsvis, etc.

11 m
27 °C - 22 m

Sail Rock is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. It takes an one hour sailing from Koh Tao to get there, but it's worth it. Sail Rock guarantees an abundance of marine life in an almost pristine environment. The rock rices eight meters out of the water and has a maximum depth of 40 meters. The rock itself can be enter through a so-called 'chimney'.


Enter the water from the boat to explore Sail Rock. There's an other rock on the southeast side of Sail Rock, which isn't visible at the surface.

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