Duikcentrum Loosdrecht opens the road to the underwater world. Jump in! Their experienced staff guarantees fun and safety during this journey. The PADI dive courses at Duikcentrum Loosdrecht are recognized worldwide. Wherever you dive, your PADI certification will be recognized and accepted.

Diving for children

Children as young as 8 years old can come diving at Dive Center. Learn the basic skills in 5 lessons. Then continue with one of the ten spectacular specialties they offer. Or participate in the PADI Sealteam program. The emphasis is on diving safely but with as much fun as possible. PADI Seals get a taste of many types of diving. Parents get a structured program which helps them to see what skills their children are developing and what they are learning about the underwater world. Would you like to learn how to scuba dive, too? Or would you like to go on a diving vacation? Then be sure to get in touch as well! You can finish your theory and pool part in the Netherlands and do your outdoor water dives on vacation. Are you ready to start your journey? Sign up now!

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House pool
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Fill station 200 B / 300 B

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