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Goed zicht, veel groen, van 5 naar 4 gedoken. 2 snoeken, 3 snoekbaarzen, 1 paling, 7 …

8 m Visibility
20 °C - m

Eiland 5 (Island 5) is a dive site in the Vinkeveense plassen. The island is located southwest of Island 4. However, there is not nearly as much diving as on Island 4. The site is less accessible and there are no underwater objects. The underwater nature is beautiful. You can expect beautiful peat walls, small wrecks, clear water and a lot of marine life.


Island 5 is accessible both by boat and from the shore. The island is connected to Island 4 by a bridge. Cross the bridge, then walk to the part of the water which is separated by a wooden fence. Enter the water just before the fence. Island 5 is at its best around 6 meters. Look for eels, pike-perch and crayfish. During the season you will also spot dozens of young pike in the vegetation, as you dive around dusk. Move calmly and don't blind them with your dive light.


Island 5 is visited by pleasure crafts. Use a surface buoy. Use frog kick to avoid bad visibility.

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