Twelve wounded after explosion at Boot, Dusseldorf

This article was posted on 26 January 2019
Twelve wounded after explosion at Boot, Dusseldorf

The battery of a dive computer exploded on the stand of an exhibitor.

This afternoon at 13.46 hours a heavy explosion occurred on Boot in Düsseldorf. Suddenly a loud bang sounded in hall 3, after which panic arose on the exhibition floor. As far as we know, twelve people were injured, five of whom were taken to the hospital. The explosion was caused by the battery of a diving computer exploding.

Dive fair Boot Dusseldorf

The battery in the dive computer exploded at the stand of an exhibitor. Twelve people had to be taken care of on site by the fire brigade and the rescue service. Five people had suffered such severe injuries that they had to be taken to the surrounding hospitals in Düsseldorf. The other seven slightly injured could be taken home after examination by an emergency doctor. After the accident, the fairtrade could be continued without restrictions.

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