Diversguide app for iOS and Android

The Divers Guide app is a free app for iOS and Android. The app provides real time dive site information about dive spots worldwide. It's a great way to prepare your dive! Find a dive spots and learn all about its actual diving conditions, like windforce, wind directions, water temperature, marine life, and much, much more.  

Finding dive spots and much more

Form your own opion about dive sites by reading log messages from other divers. Click on a log message to see where the dive site is located. Now, watch logreports about only this particular dive site. You can also favorite specific dive sites in the app. Favorite dive sites can be used offline. 
The Diversguide app also offers the opportunity to filter on a certain country or region, which is also possible on our website. For instance: Filter your holiday region (if available) and use the app like you have done before. Please log your dive afterwards to prodive other divers with up to date information.

Subscriber content  

Subscriber content in our app consists of extra information, such as: More dive spots, an automatic tideplanner for diving in Lake Oosterschelde and 3D wreck animations (for an increasing number of regions). With our 3D wreck animations you can virtually circel a wreck by swiping the image with your finger. Watch dive wrecks in Scapa Flow, Portugal, Egypt and Malta. Download FREE for Android or iOS