Bioluminescent off the coast of San Diego

This article was posted on 30 April 2020
Bioluminescent off the coast of San Diego

Thousands of spectators ignore local Corona measures.

Beautiful images of bioluminescent waves have reappeared off the coast of San Diego. Earlier, whale spotters filmed dolphins turning bright blue as a result of this phenomenon. In this video it is a surfer playing the leading role. The images are exceptional and are all over the internet. Video: ABC7. Watch video:

Bioluminescent waves  

You may have seen bioluminescent waves before. They occur along many coastlines and are caused by blue-coloured, single-celled algae. In San Diego the phenomenon produces such beautiful scenes that thousands of people ignore the local Corona measures to go and see it. There were so many traffic jams along the coast last night that the police had to take enforcement action. Spectators react happy and surprised after seeing the blue waves after days of boredom and isolation due to the Corona crisis.  

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