Huge oil spill awaits the Red Sea. Greenpeace sounds alarm

This article was posted on 27 January 2022
Huge oil spill awaits the Red Sea. Greenpeace sounds alarm

A spill would fade the infamous Exxon Valdez disaster.

Off the coast of Yemen, one of the largest oil spills in history is in the works. The production platform, Safar, with 1.1 million barrels of crude oil on board could fail at any moment. An explosion or spill would have disastrous consequences for the Red Sea. Yet no action is taken. Environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, are sounding the alarm.

Exxon Valdez disaster would fade away

The Safer has not been in use for years. It's old and rusty and, with massive amounts of crude still on board, is beginning to pose more and more of a threat. "The oil could be spilled at any time as a result of an explosion or leak," researchers warn in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science. "If that happens, an oil spill will occur that will fade the infamous Exxon Valdez disaster." This is no exaggeration. The Safer contains four times as much oil as was spilled in the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, the largest oil spill in history. Yet nothing happens due to a lack of awareness. Therefore please share this message. Negotiations between the parties involved are taking place but a solution is not yet in sight.

Red Sea ecosystem at stake

"The problem is not technical but political," says Paul Horsman, Safer Response Team project manager at Greenpeace International. "The technology and expertise to transfer the oil to other tankers exists, but despite months of negotiations, the stand-off continues." Governments and the oil industry have a moral obligation to take action and avert the danger. The total ecosystem of the Red Sea is at stake." Greenpeace is working with the Yemen government and organizations in the region to find a solution. At the same time, they are preparing to respond quickly if the disaster actually occurs. Meanwhile Greenpeace calls for the installation of a floating dam and the oil platform to be pumped out as soon as possible. Share this message to raise awareness of this impending disaster that threatens the colorful Red Sea. Share! 

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