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Erik Geulle


Tegenwoordig is het toegestaan om het wrak in te gaan omdat alle lichamen geborgen zijn. …

15 m Visibility
25 °C - m

Manuel werner


Beautiful dive. 1st wreckage. 1st wreckage, but it was said that there was more vegetation …

30 m Visibility
26 °C - m

Lagoondivers aartselaar


Very quiet and warm weather 30° very good visibility 30° very good visibility 15 liters …

14 m Visibility
23 °C - m

The Salem Express lies on her starboard side near the Hyndman reef at a depth between 12 and 30 meters. The wreck, a former Roll on Roll off Ferry, is no less than a 100 meters long. The ship was built in 1966 and sank in December 1991, after an unfortunate collision with the Hyndman reef. A dive in the Salem Express is a unique experience. The bow and the screws are completely intact. You dive on various lifeboats while you look in through the portholes. The Salem Express is an official sea mans grave; for that reason you are not allowed to enter it.


Sunk: 1991. Type: roll on / roll off passenger ferries. Passengers: 578 passengers and 71 bemmanning (official numbers). Weight: 4471 tons. Length: 114.99m. Width: 17.84m. Depth: 4.92m. Shallowest point. 12m. Deepest point: 30m. Engine: 8 cylinder diesel with 11,100 KW. Boatyard: Forges & Ateliers et Chantiers de Mediterranee, Marseille, France. Shipping company: Lord Maritime, Egypt.


The Salem Express is a Sea mans grave. Penetration is prohibited!!

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