U 31

Groot Brittanie, Norfolk

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U 31

Mark Barto en JackieO
Groot Brittanie, Norfolk 14-06-20

Twee meter lange congeraal schrikte ons op en verdween dieper het wrak in. Bij 2e duik niet meer gezien. Mooie trip met de Lamlash.

15 m
15 °C - 32 m

The wreck of the U 31 is, for a vessel that's a hundred years old, in very good condition. The towers, the periscope, the torpedo tubes and the torpedoes are still intact. It's a German submarine from the First World War which sank during a patrol in 1915. The submarine was discovered in 2012 by divers from the Dutch research company Fugro. Divers from Lamlash Noordzeeduiken were able to definitively identify the wreck on 8 September 2015.


The U 31 lies about 90 kilometers off the British coast. The wreck can only be reached by boat. Enter the water and experience the disaster that struck this boat. Scientists suspect that the submarine ran into a mine, after with the front and rear badly damaged. The thin hull, which was wrapped around the submarine, was also largely destroyed. The U 31 is home to a variety of marine life, such as large lobsters and crabs.


Only experienced North Sea divers can dive on the U 31.

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U 31 Features

North Sea
At boat charter
60 min.
Suitable for
Wreck divers
N.v.t / NA
Free access
Boat dive facilities
Kind of dive
Boat dive, wreck dive
4 - 20 m.
Average visibility
7 m.
33 m.
Pouting, lobster, north sea crab
Other recreation

U 31 Photos and Images

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