Diving for wedding rings during wedding ceremony

This article was posted on 19 May 2018
Diving for wedding rings during wedding ceremony

It could be the script of a Hollywood movie. But, it isnt. While the wedding ceremony was still taking place, Dutch sports diver Martin van Hees dived for the lost wedding rings of the bridal couple, Peter and Yvonne Jansen. He found both rings just before the wedding party. When he submerges with ring number 2, they screamed for joy. Film: Martin van Hees. Watch the film:

Diving for wedding rings

Dropping the wedding rings into the water. Even before the wedding ceremony has taken place. Can you believe it? Martin received the message yesterday at 18:16 via his website and immediately took action. Things went wrong during the ceremony. Both wedding rings fell into the water through a platform. A dream fell apart. But Martin wouldn't be Martin if he didn't save the day. Within 10 minutes he had found ring number 1, ring number 2 followed some time later.

Ringmaster Martin van Hees 

Martin is very successful with his website. You can request his help for free. Earlier we gave him the nickname Ringmaster. Watch his performance on Dutch TV on July 2017. Every year Martin and his team of divers find countless numbers of lost jewelry. They use metal detectors and the results are amazing. The wedding rings were ring number 96 and 97 of the year 2018.  

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