You're a cave diver... in Grottes de Choranche

This article was posted on 1 September 2018
You're a cave diver... in Grottes de Choranche

As long as you don't ascend in Grottes de Choranche you will experience it as a beautiful cave dive.

You're a cave diver. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. That is.... in Grottes de Chornache in France. Have you ever wanted to float in crystal clear water between centuries-old dripstone formations? It's possible for divers of all levels in Grottes de Choranche in France. It's an open cave system where you can surface. Picture: Richard Glazenborg. Watch video: 

Diving in Grottes de Chornache

Diving in Grottes de Choranche is a spectacular taste of a real cave dive. You don't need a cave diving licence in this beautiful cave system because you can surface. It's a short guided dive of no more than 35 minutes but it's worth it!  You'll never get any closer to a real cave dive without a licence. The water is cold but super clear, you can see more than 25 meters away. Follow your diving guide along the corridors, walls and dripstones in the most fascinating yellow-green shades of colour.

Characteristics Grottes de Choranche

Grottes de Choranches was one of the holiday dives of Richard Glanzenborg this year. He assisted Diver's Guide to add the dive site on our platform. Curious about all the ins and outs? How deep is it? What are the conditions? And so on. You'll find all the answers right here. DiveXtreme is one of the diving schools that provides guided dives in Grottes de Choranche. Book an excursion through the caves after your dive. You'll experience an unforgettable day. Want to share your holiday dive with Diver's Guide. Mail us or talk to us on Facebook. And, don't forget to like us to receive more news from us....!  

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