No diving for 48 hours after COVID vaccination!

This article was posted on 25 February 2021
No diving for 48 hours after COVID vaccination!

Wait until there are no more side effects.

Soon you too will get a vaccination against Covid-19. This has implications for scuba diving! Doctors advice not to dive for at least 48 hours after the vaccination. This period should be extended if you continue to experience symptoms related to the vaccination. Diving is considered safe when you're free of symptom for 24 hours. Divers Guide Support Team: Henk van Ielen.

Diving and vaccination

Side effects may include: A stiff arm, muscle pain, redness, swelling at the site of the puncture, flu-like symptoms or fatigue. The first vaccination against COVID-19 doesn't generally cause any side effects. The second often does. This is the case with multiple vaccinations that require two shots. Side effects generally begin within 24 hours of vaccination and usually disappear on their own within one to two days. When vaccinated with a live, attenuated vaccine you may experience flu-like symptoms one to two weeks after vaccination. Do you still have any questions concerning scuba diving and COVID-19? Or do you have doubts about whether you are fit to dive? Please consult a physician.

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