Diver hospitalized in Germany. Physicians suspect corona vaccination

This article was posted on 22 March 2021
Diver hospitalized in Germany. Physicians suspect corona vaccination

Discussion about safe diving after vaccination.

On Tuesday, March 17, 2021, a diver was hospitalized after a dive in Kreidesee Hemmoor. The man had symptoms of paralysis, among other things. The dive turned out to be perfectly executed and the victim had no underlying complaints that could have caused the accident. Doctors now suspect effects of a corona vaccination that took place six days prior to the dive. Divers Guide Support Team: Joost Jochems, Jans van Wieren, Ben Leermakers.

Diving in Kredesee Hemmoor  

The diving team involved in the incident posted a comment on Facebook that was shared 501 times. "We are not doctors," the team reports, "we just want to start a discussion for the sake of safety." That day, the team made a leisurely dive of 43 minutes at a water temperature of 5 degrees and a maximum depth of 30 meters. During the safety stop, the complaints started with pressure in the chest area. Once on the jetty, mild paralysis symptoms followed by speech problems. Immediately oxygen was administered, after which the victim was transported to the hospital, with his dive computer. Soon, physical explanations, such as heart complaints, could be ruled out. Nevertheless, as a precaution, various scans and blood tests and treatment in a pressure chamber follow. The diver appears to be healthy.

Diving after corona vaccination

However, doctors established that the man was vaccinated with a corona vaccine six days prior to his dive in Hemmoor. The man had experienced mild side effects during the two days following the vaccination and had therefore waited another four days to return to diving. This time had passed without side effects. The applicable advice had thus been taken into account. Nevertheless, on the basis of the available facts, several independent doctors believe that a link between the incident and the vaccine should be considered very likely. A discussion has now arisen about when you can dive safely again after a corona vaccination. Some doctors find a negative 14-day dive advice worth considering in order to be completely safe. The victim in question has now fully recovered and is in good health. The report of the dive team can be read on Facebook Kreidesee Hemmoor. 

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