Divers negotiate with octopus for safer home

This article was posted on 11 October 2019
Divers negotiate with octopus for safer home

Follow the remarkable and touching negotiation.

Somewhere in the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia, this small coconut octopus has made a plastic disposable cup his home. Divers, who encounter the animal, can't stand it. Moreover, the flexible cup doesn't offer any protection against prey. They decide to help and a touching negotiation follows... Watch video:

Diving in Indonesia

Coconut octopuses are known to use shells and other found objects as protective shelters. However, this small sea inhabitant makes a very bad choice with this plastic cup. Several divers offer him an alternative, but all the shells they offer him are simply not good enough. Until, just as the divers air is beginning to run low, he feels one that has the right size. The footages is just as special as touching. Have you ever felt confused at the interface of nature and pollution?

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