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Joost, William en Martijn


Crack clear water, little live here on this spot

12 m Visibility
4 °C - m



Good visibility, some old trees under water and we also found the wreckage, that was a bit …

25 m Visibility
6 °C - m

Dive site Dixi is known for the wreck of the Dixi. Dixi is an old sailboat, which you'll find at a depth of 22 meters. Just before the entrance lies the wreck of another boat in very poor conditions. Remarkable further more are the old diving bell at six meters and the remains of an old bridge, stretching from 17 to about 20 meters.


Dixi is an easy accessible dive spot for everyone. Besides various other objects, mostly trunks, stumps, and roots are seen here.


No precautions for a dive at altitude required. Visibility may vary, depending on wind and season.

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