Nederland, Noord Holland

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The Emden 3 is an old steamship. It lies heavily damaged in the North Sea off the coast of Schagen. The Emden 3 lies in parts on the seabed, partially buried in the sand. Special about the wreck of the Emden 3 are the four large steam boilers that are still almost intact. Also the enormous, open shaft is still easy to recognize, as well as large parts of the engine block.


The Emden 3 is easily accessible. The wreck lies at a depth of 23 meters. Enter the water from the boat and descend. After some time the contours of the Emden 3 will appear in the deep. Here and there large and smaller parts of the wreck lie on the sandy bottom. You are ready for a dive on the Emden 3.


Only experienced divers. Only North Sea divers. Only wreck divers.

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