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Ricart Virginie
Frankrijk, 25-06-23

Heerlijke zondagsduik met Diveteam Bubbles en Fun. via de trap in het water, oude restanten van de dok onderwater autowrak

2 m
20 °C - 7 m

Forme 4 is a unique dive site in France. The site is a flooded dry dock in the middle of the port of Dunkirk. Where in the dock ships were once maintained or dismantled, divers now enjoy a beautiful underwater world. The infrastructure of the dry dock is still clearly visible, with pontoons on the surface and beautifully overgrown tools on the bottom. This makes a dive in Forme 4 somewhat look like a wreck dive in the North Sea. The dock is no deeper than 9 meters and is home to numerous species, such as black-eyed lipped fish, stonefish, eels, sea bass, tubeworms and more. Permit required.


Dive site Forme 4 has limited parking space fairly close to the entry point. Make sure you can join a permit holder. This person will call the harbor master upon arrival after which you can enter the site via a concrete staircase.


To dive in Forme 4 a permit is required. A dive must always be signed in and out with the harbor master. Dive buoy or dive flag required. Thick sediment layer. Stay more than one meter from the bottom.

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FORME 4 Features

Rte de l'Écluse Trystram, 59140 Dunkerque
Limited paved parking
20 m.
Suitable for
All levels
Vergunning vereist / License required
Free access
Kind of dive
Night dive, shallow dive, harbour dive, underwater photography
1 - 4 m.
Average visibility
2 m.
9 m.
beton en grind of kiezel(stenen)
Horned blenny, pouting, eel, sea bass
Other recreation
Only after consultation

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