Distribution of our dive maps and other Divers Guide content is illegal.

This article was posted on 26 February 2024
Distribution of our dive maps and other Divers Guide content is illegal.

Please respect our copyrights!

Are you distributing Divers Guide dive maps on other websites or apps, such as those of PADI or SSI? By doing so, you are in violation. Don't take any chances. Our content is protected by copyright. You remain responsible as long as the content is visible!

Divers Guide copyright

Distribution of Divers Guide content, without explicit permission from our editors, is punishable by law. This applies to texts, maps and all our other content. Please read our terms and conditions. Our content is protected by copyright. That's why all our dive maps are clearly say 'Copyright Divers Guide'. Do you distribute our content illegally anyway? Then you remain responsible as long as the material is in the public domain. With all consequences! There are several law firms active that, using algorithms, can track down and summon violators. Fines can reach tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the length and scope of the illegally shared content. The larger the website, on which you have shared the material and the longer it's on there, the higher the fine. What can you do? Always respect our copyright and remove content you have previously distributed. Do you own a website where content is shared? Warn that illegal distribution of Divers Guide material is punishable and remove illegal content.

Dive maps and other content becomes obsolete

Distributing our content is also pointless. Our dive maps and texts are constantly aging. What is correct today may be completely obsolete next week. That's why our editors are updating content 24/7. That is the power of Divers Guide. You may wonder why you would distribute outdated information. This, especially in the long run, can only lead to disappointment and in the worst case even dangers. Would it be a better idea to help us updating our content. You can do that through My Divers Guide or through Duikersgids Support Team on Facebook. There is also the possibility of sharing over our information legally, under certain conditions. Please send an email to our editorial staff. And while you're at it, subscribe to our content as well. Subscribe now. Finally, it's always good to respect the property rights of others anyway. Thanks for your understanding!

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