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Nederland, Overijssel

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4 m Visibility
14 °C - 10 m

DIVE SITE CLOSED. The Leemslagenplas is a nice dive site on the west side of the Dutch city of Almelo. Good visibility and the wrecks of. the UK-EJ and UK269 make the Leemslagenplas worthwhile. The UK-JE lies at a depth of 9 meters. This nine meter long motor cruiser is used by the local fire department as a practice object and makes a nice dive object for divers. The UK269 lies a bit deeper, between 20 and 25 meters. Diving in the Leemslagenplas is possible on Friday and Sunday, but only as a guest diver of OWSV Galathea.


Scuba Diving takes place on the west side of the Leemslagenplas where there are two entry points. One of the entry points is equipped with a row of paving tiles and a rack that provides a handhold during your preparation. Both can be reached by walking down the west bank from the parking lot. Once underwater you will be surrounded by high vegetation in search of fish and the two wrecks.


Diving in the Leemslagenplas is only possible on Friday and Sunday and only as a guest diver of OWV Galathea. Park in front of the fence. Parking on the field is prohibited.

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