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Zeer slecht zicht. Niets te zien helaas. Wel goed om je navigatievaardigheden te oefenen

1 m Visibility
22 °C - m

Steven & Harry


New dive site mapped out for Diver's Guide, poor visibility, many plants, remnants of …

1 m Visibility
20 °C - m

Krieghuusbelten is a shallow recreation pool between Raalte and Lemelerveld. It's a shallow dive site with limited visibility and therefore great for stress and rescue exercises or navigation exercises. For a fun dive Krieghuusbelten is less suitable, although there are ice dives being made here in the winter. There is an old underwater trail, which was constructed twenty years ago but is now partially fallen apart. Tench, pike, carp and bass are common species here.


Enter the water from the small beach. Than follow a course of 300 degrees to find the old underwater trail. A rope will lead you to the objects. Krieghuusbelten is managed by Camping Krieghuusbelten.


The underwater trail stops halfway. Navigate by using your compass or get back. Beware of fishermen.

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