Cuttle fish season started in Holland

This article was posted on 12 May 2018
Cuttle fish season started in Holland

Cuttle fish season has started in Holland. On the 4 of May 2018 one of the first cuttle fish of the season was spotted in Lake Oosterschelde. Bert Peters discovered this cuttle fish and managed to film his observation. It's the second observation of 2018. The first cuttle fish of this season were spotted at dive site Zeelandbrug by Nakki Dive Club on 21 April. Movie: Bert Peters.

Diving Lake Oosterschelde 

Have you ever seen cuttle fish on a dive in Holland? Every year when the water temperature reaches 12 degrees these beautiful creatures return to Lake Oosterschelde in Holland. Bert's images are beautiful. The mating ritual has taken place and the female has already deposited the eggs at the cuttle fish sticks. She then sprays ink over them to blacken the eggs. Sometimes the ink has run out and the young cuttlefish in the transparent eggs are visible. This, of course, makes them vulnerable to attackers.

Diving in Holland

Ready for a dive in Holland? Go to Lake Oosterschelde for the cuttle fish season. Do you want to know where cuttle fish have been spotted so far this year? Find out in our log reports. And by the way, you know we also have seahorses. Don't your? They usually appear a couple of months later. Diving with cuttle fish and sea horses can disturb the animals in their natural behaviour. Be careful and make sure you are well informed.  

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