She reaches deep down to remove the hook

This article was posted on 16 October 2018
She reaches deep down to remove the hook

"After some times other sharks appear with hooks in their mouth"

She 'reads' sharks like no one else. She 'reads' them even better than her dogs, she says. Cristina Zenato. People call her the shark whisperer. An important part of her passion is removing fish hooks. "I am obsessed with this hook removing," she says. "I feel the sharks pain and how much they want to be helped.

Diving with sharks

Cristina Zenato has a mission. She wants to teach people that sharks are not monsters, but sensitive animals. What she does not for everyone. The touching of the animals has a mission. The number of hooks she has removed over the years can not be counted. "I feel the discomfort as soon as one of them appears with a hook in its mouth. Sometimes I can get them out quite easily, but sometimes it takes weeks to build enough trust. Don't try this at home! Even Cristina dives with a chain mail. She understands the danger of her work and the risks involved. 

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