Corona patients benefit from treatment in decompression chamber

This article was posted on 15 April 2020
Corona patients benefit from treatment in decompression chamber

Research starts in Louisiana after successes in China.

Corona patients seem to benefit from treatment in a decompression chamber. In New Orleans this month a study into the effectiveness of this therapy will start. The idea goes back to the period of the Spanish flu, when a similar treatment yielded remarkable results. Video: WWLTV. Watch video.

Research in New Orleans

The study takes place with seriously ill Corona patients from Louisiana, who are already in the hospital, but do not yet need to be ventilated. Many of these patients deteriorate in a very short period of time. The aim of the study is to prevent admission to the ICU by slowing down or stopping this rapid deterioration process. A large chamber is used in which twelve people can be treated at the same time. They spend an hour and a half in the room for five days. In China about fifty Corona patients have been treated in this way, a number of which have been very successful.

Recovery Spanish flu

The first successes were achieved in 1800 during the outbreak of the Spanish flu. An American doctor from Kansas discovered that victims of this deadly virus died much faster in the Rocky Mountains. He attributed this to the low pressure and low oxygen content in this area, after which he started experimenting with a decompression chamber. Victims, who were almost unconscious and blue in colour, recovered already after spending a few minutes in the room. They regained colour and recovered significantly after five treatments over the course of five days.

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