Seahorse meets cuttlefish

This article was posted on 1 September 2021
Seahorse meets cuttlefish

"The encouter lasted only a few seconds."

Seahorses and cuttlefish are often mentioned in one sentence. Both species are special and both are loved by scuba divers. Yet there is little interaction between the two and that makes this photo iconic. Constantly watched by humans, they now take a good look at each other. Photo: Mich Guillerm.

Diving with seahorses

Mich Guillerm, who took the picture, posted it on Facebook several days ago. Divers wonder if it's photo shop. "That's by no means the case," according to Mich. The photo was taken during a dive with his son in the French department of Finistère. "The seahorse was swimming around quietly and suddenly landed between us on the sandy bottom," Mich explains. "Right at that moment, the cuttlefish approached. The encounter lasted only a few seconds." Fortunately, Mich reacted rapidly with this image as final result. The photo is special because it looks like a real encounter. It looks like both are seeking answers to the question why divers are always and everywhere so interested in them. The answer is known to us but not to them. 

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