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Eric van den Steen
Croatia, 17-09-23

Vanochtend een heerlijke duik gemaakt in de 3 grotten. Zicht was super en veel vis gespot. Was de boottocht zeker waard.

9 m
23 °C - 15 m


Nick Bouman
Croatia, 27-07-23

Hele mooie boot duik gedaan Eiland onder door kom je bij een grot uit

19 m
23 °C - 18 m


Iwan v Hal
Croatia, 29-07-23

Relaxedte duik, stevige stroming met wat kramp

5 m
24 °C - 15 m


Folkert Bouma
Croatia, 24-07-23

Bootduik. Eerst de kleine grot verkend, daarna nog even de grote grot. Leuke afsluiter duikvakantie.

8 m
24 °C - 19 m

Banjol Island or Banjol Caves is a beautiful dive site off the coast of Istria, near the town of Rovinj. The site consists of three caves at depths of 5, 7 and 15 meters. The middle cave, at a depth of 5 meters, has a cavern where the sun shines in and you can ascend. The cave is home to conger eels and lobsters. The left cave, at 15 meters, has a narrow passage leading to a larger chamber. The right cave is partially eroded, but particularly rich in species, such as red starfish and lobsters. Banjol is a fairly simple cave system with generally good visibility.


The Banjol cave system is located on the western side of Banjol island. You can reach this location in 20 minutes by boat from the coast.


Only cave divers can enter Banjol's caves. The cave where you can ascend can only be exited underwater. Watch your trim and fin stroke. Reduced visibility when many divers are present. Sometimes strong currents.

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BANJOL Features

Banjol Island,Banjol Caves
Banjol, Rovinj
At boat charter
20 min.
Suitable for
Underwater photography, cave divers, night diving
N.v.t. / NA
Book boat dive at one of the dive schools, free access
Boat dive facilities
Kind of dive
Boat dive, cave dive
Sometimes strong
20 - 30 m.
Average visibility
25 m.
15 m.
Sponge, starfish, sea ​​cucumber, lobster, conger eel
Other recreation
Boating, yachting

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