Spanje, Cantabria


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Mooie duik met Rosessub. Grote tandbaarzen, murenes, soldaatvissen etc

30 m Visibility
17 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Delicious purple jellyfish on the menu of the residents of El Fraire, a spectacle.

13 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Buoy placed on el Fraire, under the supervision of two groupers.

19 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Joehoe, the octopuses are about to arrive.

14 m Visibility
13 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Extremely large amounts of fish this year, even the groupers already show themselves.

16 m Visibility
14 °C - m

El Fraire has a characterizing steep wall, which extends to fourteen meters. El Fraire then turns into a rocky plateau which slowly gets deeper and deeper. The whole environment consists of overgrown rock formations, where slugs, lobsters, moray eels and groupers seek shelter.


Enter the water from the boat and start to explore El Fraire's rocks and crevises. For patience divers, who take their time during a dive, there's a lott to discover.

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