Spanje, Cantabria


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Euro-divers Spain


Cadeau dive.... 2 moon fish, 3 lobsters, 3 moray eels and a pair of octopuses.

1 m Visibility
15 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Finally, they are present on every dive that octopus.

14 m Visibility
-2 °C - m

Euro-divers Spain


Private fluo dive in the cave of Norfeo dos. Feel-crites of the crawfish fluorine yellow and orange.

20 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Cap Norfeo Sud is a nice dive site with a beautiful drop off, attracting large schools of fish. Numerous species like squid, groupers and see bass will keep you company during this dive, while octopuses, moray eels and lobsters seek shelter near the wall. The wall itself is beautifully overgrown with anemones and gorgonians.


Cap Norfeo Sud can only be reached by boat. It's located halfway between the dive sites El Gato and El Fraire. Underwater life is common for this region, yet Norfeo Cap Sud has its own charm.


Watch out for boats.

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