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Rustige duik met wisselende stroming.bleu spotted stingray en murenes

20 m Visibility
24 °C - m

Dietn VDK


Lots of coral with no colour, limited visibility due to swarm in the water, blue spotted …

15 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Laguna Reef consists of two parts, one north and one south. North Laguna lies on the western side of Tiran Island. On the reef you find anemones, gorgonians, soft corals and table corals. South Laguna lies between a green beacon in the lagoon itself. The beautiful coral, clear blue waters and spectacular scenery make this a very popular dive site. The steep wall, full of fish, hard and soft corals and gorgonians is beautiful!


At a depth of 15 to 25 meters is a wide plateau with large table corals.

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