Michaels dilemma...... What would you do?

This article was posted on 30 May 2018
Michaels dilemma...... What would you do?

We all know how it works. Look, but please don't touch....!. But what if the marine life thinks differently and demands you to interact? The Dutch diver, Michael Heus, was faced with this dilemma during a dive at Salt Pier on the island of Bonaire. A young turtle swims straight up to him and begs for attention. Film: DiveMike. Watch the film:

Diving Salt Pier, Bonaire

Have you ever experienced something like this? No, of corse not. This is once in a life time. So.... now what? Michael keeps avoiding the confrontation by making room for the juvenile animal. Than after a while he can't resist the temptation and closes it in his arms. The turtle enjoys his touch for a couple of minutes and is then sent back into the ocean. Now watch the film and tell us, what would you do........?

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